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Selezione Moda Campania
Selezione Moda Campania
Selezione Moda Campania is the quality brand adopted by 42 resident companies in the Centro Tamarin, specializing in the selection and wholesale of footwear. It is one of the largest markets for footwear and leather goods in the entire national territory and abroad.

The brand identifies a series of articles of superior quality; the Italian region of origin of materials and products - Campania - is clearly spelled out in the brand to complement and reinforce the concept of quality linked to these sites, recognized worldwide.

Shoes'n'Show represents the natural evolution of the launch project of the brand, curated by Centro Tamarin for the 42 traders, an unmissable opportunity to communicate to professionals that, after 10 years in business, they are expanding from simple distributors and wholesalers, selectors of raw materials and finished products.